I quit.

It feels good to write. It feels even better to say aloud.

After putting in my two weeks notice, I relayed to my friend that it was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I was in control.

Empowerment is an interesting thing. It didn't come naturally.

There's this idea that if you follow the straight and narrow, the rest will fall into place. Go to high school, go to a good university, get a job at a great company and the rest is all taken care of. Get on the escalator and all that you desire will be at the top.

But once you are on the escalator it's not easy to get off. Those that do are ridiculed; those that stay on quickly forget they can get off.

It's easy to rationalize. "The perks are good." "They drive me to work everyday." "The food is great."

They're right. Shutting your mouth and collecting a paycheck is a pretty sweet gig. Many people would kill to be in that position.

But why do you need to shut your mouth?

"If you don't like it, leave"

I didn't just leave Google.

I quit.

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